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  Chi-Plates for energy health ( biocircuits )

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....are silk or copper plates that help you relax and get rid of tension. They do this by balancing the flow of the 'Chi' life energies in your body.

This life energy has been called many names by many different cultures: prana, orgone, Ki,...and of course chi.

All you need to do is lie on the plates grab the handles and relax. Most people report falling deeply asleep and waking refreshed. It's that simple !

•  after a heavy day at work and before going out.
•  for difficulty sleeping.
•  exhausted and need a rest, but don't have much time.
•  want to learn to ‘feel energy' in your body, visualization work.
A typical session takes 20-30 minutes.

Chi-Plates plates do not use any external power source (NO batteries, NO electricity). The energy of your own body runs long the copper (or silk) paths of the Chi-Plates and balances itself.

An example set of the actual Chi-Plates is shown below:


They work, but HOW ? Human beings usually want to have theories and models of why and how something works.This is how I personally think Chi-plates work:  

A clear and relaxed energy field looks like the one shown below:  The life force circulates in the body.

In daily life , tensions and frustrations build up and stop the free flow of energy.  Pools of stagnant energy form, shown as grey areas below.

These pools of energy can be thought of as tanks with different amounts of water - the difference in water levels is felt as tension, stress and tiredness.

The Chi-Plates simply connect the stagnant pools of energy and equalize the levels. They are like the pipe that connects the water tanks and allows the levels to balance.

A balanced system, stress and discomfort is reduced.  For myself, I feel the change as I lie on the plates.

The clear energy field, no stagnant pools  :-)

This is the core idea, of how I think of Chi-Plates in simplified form. Other people may have different ideas, but the main thing is that Chi-Plates DO work, that you feel better and more relaxed and rejuvenated. In the end that is all I care about :-)

The Chi-Plates are modeled on the biocircuits developed by Leon Ernest Eeman, World War 1 Pilot who crashed and became an invalid. More on links here.

Disclaimer: There are Government (TGA, FDA) restrictions on what we can say, report or claim as an effect of the use of Chi-Plates as a device for the treatment of any condition other than a general “treatment of discomfort” and or "relaxation" statement. This doesn't change what Chi-Plates can do; it changes what we can say about what we can do. All references to clinical effects other than simple alleviation of discomfort and the promotion of comfot refer to life force effects not the effects of Chi-Plates themselves.

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