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Qu: Are there alternatives to Chi-Plates ?

A:  Of course ! Mother nature has other and often better ways that are less technical.

Here is a very natural alternative: Even without the copper or silk plates you can do a simple excercise that helps to relax and balance you:
1) Lie down comfortably and put both hands flat on your solar plexus (tummy) in the positon where it feels right and pretend you are breathing in and out through you solar plexus - through your hands.

2) As you breathe IN imagine white light coming in through your solar plexus, through your hands.

3) As you breath OUT, exhale the tension, imagine sending it back to Universal Source.
- Cross legs if you like.
If you feel warm and relaxed then you are getting the right effect.
- If you feel a warm positive effect you would most likely get a benefit from the Chi-plates as well.

Chi-Plates are only one of many tools, there are many other ways to achive the same thing.

Qu: Why use Chi-Plates then ?

A:   For myself: I get a much deeper quicker relaxation using the Chi-Plates.


Qu: What do you make the Chi-Plates from ?

A:   The silk plates are made from new silk. The connecting "wires" are also silk. Treat silk with care and handle with respect.

A:   The pure copper plates are made from new, unetched printed circuit boards. The wires are pure copper electrical wires. The tube handles are cut  from pure copper water pipes. It should be noted: that NO electric source or external power should ever be connected, only the natural energies of your body. The Chi-Plates sold here are high quality and made to last.


Qu: Why not use solid copper plates ? Would that not be better ?

A:  I have tried this. Solid copper is very cold on the skin. It is also very heavy and would tripple the manufacturing costs.

I wondered if solid copper would be better, but from my own trials I have found no difference.


Qu:   Can you make Chi-Plates from other materials ?  Do you sell them ?

A:   Yes. The literature, Eeman and others used silk for more sublte effects. I have spoken to friends who found copper to strong and prefer silk. Silver can also be used, though I have not yet tried it.

I now sell silk Chi-Plates.  Copper also works well for most people.


Qu:   I've heard that you need to 'clear' your Chi-Plates every now and then ?

A:   Yes. The books, Eeman and others talk about running the copper plates under flowing cold water, or laying them in sunshine for a few hours. This is especially good if you use some else's Chi-Plates or if you are going to lend them to someone else. Read more about it in the references and books..

Silk plates should left in the sun, but not very long. If they look at little used, you can gently wash them by hand in luke warm water as you would treat high quality silk.


Qu: How do I know if I have reverse polarity ?

A: About one in a hundred people have reverse polarity. There is currently no known way of telling before hand, so the only way is to use the Chi-Plates as recommended (left hand connected to head plate, right hand connected to bottom plate). If you feel tenser and more restless on the plates then try switching the handles the opposite way i.e. (right hand connected to head plate, left hand connected to bottom plate).  See the heading 'Reverse polarity warning:' in the warnings page for full details.


For copper plates only

Qu:   What about the wire rings vs handles - I take it doesn't matter how much contact there is between the hands and the device as long as there is some? 

A:   In short and in my experience, it does not matter, as long as there is SOME contact.

The circuit is NOT an electrical circuit but Chi energy has some vague similarities with electricity nonetheless.


Qu:   When is the best time to use Chi-Plates ? How often to use them  ? Will I feel t he same every time ?

A:  In my experience, the effect of the plates depends very much on my state of energy, chi, health, exhaustion.  Recently, I used them for a few hours while sleeping,  and they really helped, other times I'll not use them weeks or even months.

After a while, I worked out good times when Chi-Plates would be useful.  You will get the hang of it easily. 


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