Chi-Plates for energy health ( biocircuits )

Chi-plate manual: how to use 'Chi-Plates'.






How to use Chi-Plates
Find a comfortable quiet place to lie in. Lie on the Chi-Plates as shown in the diagram below:






Place one plate under your head and the other under your sacrum (i.e. your tailbone). Hold the handle connected to the head plate in your left hand, and the handle connected to the scrum in your right hand (about one in 100 people have reverse polarity, which means you should connect the handles the opposite way, see ‘reverse polarity’ in the warnings page for details).

NB: one of the plates will have a slightly longer handle than the other. That is the plate for your head. The longer handle is simply to give you more room to move the left hand connected to the head. (However it does not really matter much which of the plates you use for the head and which for the sacrum).






Where to use.
Place the Chi-Plates on a bed, the floor or wherever you can safely and comfortably lie down. Allow about 30 minutes.
Unless you are willing to be pulled out of deep relaxation very quickly, remember to turn off the phone  :-) .
Posture: You don't have to lie straight with your arms flat as shown in the pictures. You can lie on the Chi-Plates while sitting in an armchair, on a sofa, you can have your knees bent or whatever posture you find comfortable. The main concern is that the plates are close to your head and tailbone and your hands are connected to the correct plates. That way the circuit of energy is completed. The aim is to relax totally and to be comfortable.

Feel your body. We often tend to live in our minds, in the past or the future. Come back to your body in the present. How do your hands and feet feel ? How do your legs and arms feel ?  Let the feelings come and just feel them.

Expectations. Simply let the experience unfold by itself, no need to force of push. Strong expectations can even slow the process. Lie down and breathe gently, be aware of your breath.

Subtle.Effects may be very suble and low key. There should be no dramatic effects. Over time you should feel the relaxing influence of the Chi-Plates.

Visualizations. Many people find visualization excercises work very well while lying on the plates.  This is a way of consciously helping the process along for deeper relaxation.

Clothes. There is no need to take off your clothes. The bioeffect goes through your clothes.  It is however recommened that you take off your shoes.

When to use :
+ Before bed.
- After work. Fifteen to thirty minutes to recharge for evening activities.
+ Power Napping (Catnapping): Chi-Plates give you a chance to rejuvenatequickly without artificial stimulants. Businesspeople use the copper plates for power naps, often in mid-aftemoon.
- After flying, for jet lag or travel. See the travel set.
+ Restlessness, sleep problems, too much or too little energy.
- Any time you are feeling run down, in danger of coming down with a cold or a flu.

General use of Chi-Plates: Chi-Plates are not a pancea (nor a heal all wonder-tool), but can be very helpful if used wisely. Never ignore the effects of diet, exercise, sleep habits, and relationships on health. As people grow more sensitive they are able to fine tune the rest of their lives. Chi-Plates can help in that process.

Chi-Plates do not magically eliminated the effects of stimulants, such as caffeine, or drugs, alcohol, rich foods, allergic reactions, or pain from physical injuries. However used with positive intent Chi-Plates can help deal with all these.
NB: The use of Chi-Plates work best when incorporated in a program of balanced living, not used as a substitute or as an excuse for greater excesses.

Lending your Chi-Plates: Chi-Plates pick up your energy and become attuned to your body. Therefore it is not a good idea to lend it to other people. If you do want to lend it to someone, clear it first before lending it and then again after receiving it back.
"Clearing"  & cleaning: . Your unique subtle energy leaves an imprint in the Chi-Plates. This imprint should be "cleared" regularly.
You can do this in the following ways:
<O> leave Chi-Plates in the sun approximately half an hour on each side. <O> run cold water over each side of the copper plates for a few minutes.
<O> use clearing essences such as 'Dis-Myst', wipe off with a clean cloth.

Inner growth work: some people have used Chi-Plates (Biocircuits) for visualization exercises, imagery work and self healing. Indeed the inventor used Chi-Plates (Biocircuits) to heal himself from a plane crash.
Others use the plates for to increase their sensitivity to life force energies.  Using the Chi-Plates and feeling the energies can help you to become more aware of your body's inner needs, which in turn can help you look after yourself better. This is because as you become more aware of the subtle energies (aura) surrounding your body you effectively acquire a more sensitive set of 'feelers' and tell much sooner whether something is 'right for you' or not.

my personal story: for a brief introduction of how I found out about Chi-Plates (biocircuits) click see the 'my own story' story link.









One of the best books on this topic
Biocircuits: Amazing Biocircuits: New Tools for Energy Health by Leslie Patten, Terry Patten, Gregory Armstrong (Editor)
Publisher: HJ Kramer; (December 1988)
ASIN: 0915811138; Paperback: 227 page ;
Currently out of print. Some websites such as may be able to source second hand copies.

This site gives only a brief outline of Chi-Plates and does not claim complete information. Please see the research and links pages for suggested further reading.

Be sure to read the links, disclaimer and research pages on this site for more information.

Disclaimer: There are Government (TGA, FDA) restrictions on what we can say, report or claim as an effect of the use of Chi-Plates as a device for the treatment of any condition other than a general "treatment of discomfort" and or "relaxation" statement. This doesn't change what Chi-Plates can do; it changes what we can say about what we can do. All references to clinical effects other than simple alleviation of discomfort and the promotion of discomfot refer to life force effects not the effects of Chi-Plates themselves. See the dislaimer page here.

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