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My own Story

I am a natural skeptic and need to feel things work for myself. I am also curious and always on the lookout for something new and marvelous that can stand up to my rigorous skepticism.

I am looking for something that does not 'fall over' when I 'rattle and shake' it with tests and skepticism. For this reason look at things that may be dismissed as 'too far out'.

Electricity fascinates me. When I read Patten's book on biocircuits, copper plates that do not use any outside ectricity but connect to a higher level equivalent of electricity in the human body I was interested. I had to check for myself.

After making my own copper Chi-Plates (biocircuits) from old wire I tested the idea. The natural subtle life energies of the body started to flow.

Nowadays when I lie on my home made Chi-Plates I feel my hands grow warmer than normal, and I usually fall into a deep sleep (what is these days called a " power nap ") for ~20 minutes. After that I wake up automatically, feeling fresh and relaxed. (Its better than a normal sleep of the same time period without the Chi-Plates).

For those who want to find out more, search for the inventor of biocircuits: "Leon Ernest Eeman"  see the 'links' page on this site, or purchase your own set of copper plates and try them out.


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