Chi-Plates for energy health ( biocircuits )

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We now make SiLK Chi-plates. Silk is an excellent conductor of Chi energy.

Note: actual Chi-Plates will vary, all pictures for illustration only 

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Chi Plate types US $'s
Standard Silk
Please inquire

Mini travel set (same price - same effort & work as for standard set, just smaller)

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Chi-plates made to your specificatoins - email for details (tends to be pricey :-) )
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Postage and handling:please inquire first, shipping charges vary. 
NoteYour Chi-Plates are made by hand (not produced en masse by a machine) and your plates will have a 'handmade'  appearance. Therefore the Chi-plates will vary slightly in appearance such as colour and material.

Triangle: goes under your coccyx (end of your spine, bottom.

Circle goes under your head.

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We send out your order in the mail as soon as payment is received and cleared.

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step 3 of 3:  read the disclaimers and information below. Choose whether you agree or disagree. If agree proceed to purchase, if disagree do not purchase.

hand made look: These ‘Chi-plates’ are individually made by hand and do not have the ‘slick commercial factory’ look about them. To achieve a commercial mass produced process you would lose something.
Colour: Colour cannot be guaranteed, it will vary with material and availability. If you would prefer a specific colour we will try to get if for you, but cannot guarantee it.

Connection of the lead to the head plate.

Bottom plate connection, silk Chi-plates.

We are always happy to hear feedback from people who buy our product, let us know what you think. The discussion board is a good place to start, or you may want to send email directly: 'contact us'.

Heiko and the Chi-plate team.

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