Chi-Plates for energy health ( biocircuits )







They work, but how ? Thi is how I personally think of Chi-plates:   Human beings usually want to have theories and models of why and how something works.Here are my personal thoughts.

A clear and relaxed energy field looks like the one shown below:  The life force circulates in the body.







In daily life , tensions and frustrations build up and stop the free flow of energy.  Pools of stagnant energy form, shown as grey areas below.








These pools of energy can be thought of as tanks with different amounts of water - the difference in water levels is felt as tension, stress and tiredness.







The Chi-Plates simply connect the stagnant pools of energy and equalize the levels. They are like the pipe that connects the water tanks and allows the levels to balance.









A balanced system, stress and discomfort is reduced.









The clear energy field, no stagnant pools.






This is the core idea, of how I think of Chi-Plates in simplified form. Other people may have different ideas, but the main thing is that Chi-Plates DO work, that you feel better and more relaxed and rejuvenated. In the end that is all I care about :-)

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