Chi-Plates for energy health ( biocircuits )

read before using the 'Chi-Plates'.






These warnings are given to cover legalities and give you an idea of what likely and possible effects others have found.

Effects: By using Chi-plates regularly time you will probably become more sensitive to the energies around you, be they in food, drink or lifestyle or emotions. This usuall means it becomes easier to work out what is benefical for your at the time and what is not.
Personally I have found myself become more sensitive to alcohol, food and influences that don't benefit my body but which had been affecting me all the time. I've had to make some changes and take on responsibilities, now I feel better.

Effects: "flushing the pipe": Sometimes when a person is run down or functioning largely on nervous energy going beyond their limits, then using the Chi-Plates can provoke a 'crash' by slowing them down and stopping them from over reaching themselves even more. In such cases the person might sleep deeply and long, and be unusually tired for a while. The Plates cause the person to slow down and deal with the energy they actually have, which in such cases is usually very little, hence the suddenly drop in energy.
                      The Plates work on the energy body (aura) and are thought to reach areas not usually reached. This is similar to flushing out old water from a pipe system that has not been used for a long time. The old dirty water has to be cleared out first before the new fresh water comes through. 

Reverse polarity warning: Over time Eeman and others have found that a small percentage of people (less than 1 in 100) have reverse polarity and will feel uncomfortable using the Chi-Plates in the recommended way. If you suspect this to be the case for yourself, then simply reverse the handles.   That is: instead of connecting the head plate to your left hand, and the lower sacrum plate to your right hand, change over so as to connect: your left hand to the sacrum plate and your right hand to the head plate, as shown below:





It has been reported that after a few sessions reverse polarity may go back to the 'normal' configuration.
NB: just because you are left handed does not mean you have ' reverse polarity', the two things are not related.

Should you be one of those rare people who do not gain any benefit from Chi-Plates or who feel uncomfortable (check revere polarity warning above), please discontinue use. See refunds policy.

cold copper: copper metal is intially cold until your body warms it. If this bothers you, you may like to cover the exposed metal handles with cloth, or the plates with a blanket, it will not prevent chi from penetrating. Use natural fibres wherever possible. Plastic is not recommended.

Commonsense: These days even commonsense can at times be a rare commodity. It would be nice not to have to add to this section but here it is to cover the outliers and remote chances that inevitably occur for any process in any statistical process over a long time.

No relaxation device ‘works’ for all people in every situation. Please use commonsense to make judgements as to suitabiltiy if something does not feel good, or right, trust yourself and judge what is best for you. This applies to products sold here (Chi-Plates, (Biocircuits)) as much as anything else in life - see disclaimer page.
If in doubt or if you feel adverse effects or uncomfortable, discontinue use.
Do not overuse - use commonsense and moderation and judge what feels best for your body.  In the end YOU are the boss, YOU feel the effects.. Copper (as opposed to silk) Chi-Plates can over-relax you, to the point where you feel enervated. Let your body and your feelings guide you.
Persons under the guidance of a mental health care provider should first consult their provider.

Chi-Plates are not recommended if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or mind altering substances.

These warnings are not given because of any adverse effects reported to date, but simply to cover legalities, and to encourage commonsense and self-responsibility.

Also see the 'Dislaimers' page for related information, for claims and disclaimers.

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